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Wall reliefBiography

  • Born: Sibenik, Croatia
  • Training: 1977 - 1982 Studied sculpture from life under Gerda Rubenstein in London
  • 1983 - 1984 Camberwell School of Art
  • 1984 - 1987 Byam Shaw School of Art, Diploma in Fine Art - Sculpture

Since 2003 Vinka has lived in Kent where she is an active member of The South East Open Studio annual event. She has sold and exhibited her work in the UK and Croatia.
Vinka is now able accept new exhibition and commission opportunities.


My work is celebrating the material I use and neglected areas which I am preoccupied with.I work intuitively by letting the images develop. I am interested in adventure,the journey on which the work is giong to take me. My interest is in the subconscious. I am interested in how I form the images without an outlined preconception. Primarily it is playing, it is an ongoing adventure into the unknown,always to do with nature, basicaly celebrating neglected areas.
Subconsciously I am linked to the rocks of my childhood when I observed the sedimentation and was fascinated with the visibility of the geological strata. From my childhood I am linked to the sea and rocks. I think that it comes out in the pigment I use which is terracotta, in itself evocative of rich bauxite red earth, itself associative with the colour of flesh. In my work I am trying to organise the disorder which is around me,but in the end the work imposes itself.

Vinka Dekovic Knight


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